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Dayton opossum trappingDayton Critter Control is your go-to full-service wildlife control and removal company in the Dayton area. Our technicians are skilled and professionally trained to perform commercial and residential wildlife control services. Call your local Dayton office today to schedule your business or home wildlife inspection!

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Dayton residential wildife controlCritter Control of Dayton respects the lives of all wildlife creatures and we want to remove them safely and minimize any chance of harm coming to them. We want them to live healthy and long lives — just not in your home.

It is vital to respect and conserve wildlife animals, but it's just as important to maintain the integrity of your house for both your safety and the safety of your family. Beginning immediately when wildlife animals intrude upon your home and lifestyle, it's important to address the issue before they get out of hand. All wildlife animals are capable of creating extensive home damage and carrying diseases that are dangerous to humans and pets alike.

Wildlife animals are sneaky and often intelligent, and they can easily slip into your home in ways you might not even consider. Any area of your home can be a potential entry point for a determined wildlife animal. The best option for keeping these animals out is by trapping and removing.

Your Critter Control of Dayton technician will help you determine precisely the type of wild animal you're having an issue with, remove it from your home safely and thoroughly, and identify any possible ponit of entry for these animals.

If you suspect that you are facing a wildlife issue, like opossums scampering around your attic, bats roosting in your chimney, snakes slithering in your basement, squirrels tearing up insulation in your wall, or mice getting into your food, call Critter Control of Dayton as soon as possible!

Wildlife Damage Control

As soon as a wildlife animal gets into your home, the damage can begin right away. This damage will only get worse as time goes on, so it's important not to let your wildlife visitor have free rein. Stopping an animal infestation as soon as possible is the best defense against wildlife home damage.

wildlife damage repairCritter Control of Dayton are the full-service wildlife control experts — we can help you solve any outstanding wildlife-related issues, like chimney repair, home damage restoration, and attic insulation. Chances are, if a wildlife animal caused it, we can help repair it!

Different wildlife breeds can lead to different damages, which may require different methods of repair. Critter Control of Dayton has trustworthy and reliable serice technicians. We have many years of experience in indentifying animal behavior, trends, and food patterns for all the native wildlife in the Dayton area. A targeted wildlife damage home repair and pest prevention plan will be formed as soon as we identify the culprit animal.

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