Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are a large member of the squirrel family. Unlike the famous legend, groundhogs cannot predict an early spring. Their skillset mostly focuses on digging burrows, foraging for plants, and hibernating but they can also climb and swim pretty well. Being adamant homebodies, groundhogs are semi-fossorial and live most of their lives underground. When they're not in their extensive burrows, they might be causing problems in and around gardens, crop fields, and even human structures. Before they get the chance, call Critter Control of Dayton. We're here to help!


Groundhog/Woodchuck Problems

Preferring to live in the open to see potential predators, they sometimes make their homes in farmlands. This causes at least two problems. Groundhogs forage very closely to their burrows. If one decides to establish itself near a crop intended to be harvested, it can create heavy losses to the yield. Secondly, the burrows they make can be up to 100ft long and up to 6ft deep. A farmer could drive their tractor over a burrow and collapse it. This could not only cause damage to the tractor but could seriously injure the farmer him/herself. 

Groundhog/Woodchuck control in DaytonGroundhogs rarely attack humans but since they are mammals they can contract rabies. It is highly advised to avoid close contact with groundhogs. 

Groundhog Removal Services

Critter Control of Dayton's expert technicians can safely deal with groundhogs in a humane and effective way. We can make sure the problem stays away with our wildlife exclusion. We deal with problems at the root, not just at the surface. 

We can help you get rid of groundhog problems and keep groundhogs away for good. Call today or contact us now!


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