When wild animals make their way into your attic they can create a significant amount of damage. Wildlife feces cause terrible problems for your family and home. Urine creates difficult stains and odors, and the feces pose great health risks for your family.

Call Critter Control of Dayton if you suspect wildlife in the attic! Our technicians are trained and experienced in wildlife trapping, and feces removal and cleanup.

Mice Droppings In The Attic

Mice droppings are small and may be difficult for untrained individuals to cleanup. Critter Control of Dayton has the equipment needed to remove droppings and soiled insulation. Call today for more information!

Raccoon Droppings In The Attic

Raccoon droppings in the attic are a common problem in the Dayton area. Untrained homeowners should not attempt to remove raccoon feces, as it is diseases-laden and can be transmitted to humans and pets. Give Critter Control of Dayton a call for professional clean up and removal.

Bat Droppings In The Attic

Bats cause one of the most hazardous problems in attics. They will create a large mess of guano (bat feces) that will cause serious health problems if disturbed. If inhaled, bat droppings can cause histoplasmosis. Call Critter Control of Dayton for a professional clean up and removal of bat droppings in the attic.