Attic Restoration/Insulation

Replacing Damaged Insulation

Dealing with wildlife critters in your attic can present more challenges than simply removing the animal—what about the dangerous droppings left behind? These animals will have soiled your insulation regardless of how long they've been present. The team at Critter Control of Dayton will restore your insulation to the optimal level for the most energy efficiency. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to get rid of the affected insulation and install new insulation efficiently and quickly, with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

We can also prepare quotes for the majority of insurance companies and restore your attic in a short amount of time. An attic can be an exceptional investment if it is appropriately insulated. Make sure you ask us about any available tax credits so you can learn how quickly your attic can be restored. An attic is one of the easiest rooms in a home to insulate, even if you are just adding insulation to it (capping).

Learn more about our attic insulation process here and contact our office today for additional information on attic restoration. Schedule an attic inspection and receive an estimate today!

Attic/Soffit/Louver Vent Screen Guards


vent screen guardsIf you're concerned that a wildlife critter might be inside your home, contact the professionals at Critter Control of Dayton! Critters can use a number of areas of your roof and attic to gain access to your home.

Animals like squirrels, raccoons and birds are commonly found trying to sneak into your home through vents and other parts of your roof. Unfortunately, these critters are as determined as they are mobile/agile, so it can be hard to keep them out if they're trying to get in. The team at Critter Control of Dayton can help you keep wildlife out of your home.

Attic Fan Vent Guards

Fan vent guards in attics are helpful for both ventiliation and a wildlife deterrent. When an attic fan vent guard has been installed correctly, its heavy-duty material will keep larger animals like squirrels and raccoons out. Squirrels in particular are known for chewing through weaker vent guards, so be sure it is strong.

Roof Vent Guards

Critters like birds, mice, squirrels and bats are notorious for using roof vents to get inside your home. If your roof vents are unsecured, squirrels can use them to get into your attic. Sometimes these animals will get into your home but die, leading to awful odors. Long-lasting and strong materials like hardware cloth will help prevent dead animals in your vents.

Gable Vent Closures

Gable vents, similar to attic fan vents, allow for air ventiliation into your attic, but can also let in wildlife. Gable vent closures are pivotal in the animal-proofing process. Smaller animals like birds and bats can get through gable vents with no problem, so make sure the vent is secure in order to avoid potential invasions.

Soffit Vent Repairs

Underneath your roof (your soffit) is a simple area through which wildlife can get into your home—particulary if your soffits are compromised. Squirrels are commonly responsible for damaged soffits, including shingles, gutter damage, or a weakened structure. Keep animals out of your home by letting Critter Control of Dayton repair your soffit vents and make sure your roofline is protected from pest animals like squirrels, raccoons, birds, bats, mice, and more.


Chimney Cap and Screen Installation


Critter Control of Dayton provides a wide range of animal prevention services and products. After our technicians get rid of the unwanted wildlife animals from your property, we will be sure to repair the damage they caused with our top-of-the-line prevention methods. Installing chimney screens and caps, vents, and closing entry holes all reduce the possibility of future conflicts with other unwanted nuisance animals.

How to keep wildlife out of your chimney

Chimney screen installation is one of the easiest ways to keep wildlife out of your chimney. Chimney repair is necessary because the vents and mortar degrade over time, allowing room for wildlife to find their way inside. If you don't have a proper chimney cap, chimney cap installation will also keep your chimney safe from wildlife. 

Chimney cap installation and chimney screen installation are important for raccoons, rodents, birds, and bats from using your chimney as their habitat. If you have raccoons in the chimney, they will likely have their babies there. Birds and bats in the chimney will leave droppings behind. Rodents in the chimney mean they are using it as a gateway to the rest of your home. 

Raccoons in the Chimney

If you notice a missing or damaged chimney cap, raccoons are likely the culprit! They have great dexterity, and if the cap is loose, they can easily rip it off. Their motive is a cozy place to have their babies. It's important to stay on top of chimney repair to be sure these animals don't make your home their own!

Rodents in the Chimney

Rodents like to use the chimney as an entry point to the rest of your home. Because they can fit through such small holes, it's especially important to keep your chimney screen in top shape! 

Luckily, no matter what animal is in the chimney, our office can take care of the problem! Our chimney cap installation and chimney repair services will get your home back to normal in no time. Call Critter Control of Dayton today for more information on solving all your wildlife animal problems. 937.854.5761 or Contact Us using our online form.


T.A.P. Pest Control Installation


T.A.P Attic Installation T.A.P. (Thermal Acoustical Pest Control) is environmentally friendly, cutting-edge insulation made from recycled paper. T.A.P. is designed for use in homes and other buildings. T.A.P. is a borate-based pest control method that not only outperforms traditional insulation in a majority of ways, but it can also work as an effective pest control method that will control ants, termites, cockroaches and more. Contact Us today!


Bees, Wasps, Hornets

Honey BeeLike much of the United States, Dayton is home to a serious amount of stinging insects. Some are helpful and necessary for a flourishing environment, but many are harmful to humans. If you'd like assistance with stinging insects, call Critter Control of Dayton today!

A few types of stinging insects that you may encounter inside your home or on your property include:

  • Bees
  • Africanized "killer" bees 
  • Bumblebee
  • Carpenter bees 
  • Cicada killers 
  • Honey bees 
  • Hornets and wasps 
  • Mud daubers 
  • Yellow jackets 

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