Punxsutawney Phil looks cute on TV on Groundhog Day, but he’s not as cute when he is in your Dayton home or yard. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, land beavers, and whistle pigs love to cause problems to Dayton residents. 

These pesky animals can cause damage to your home, yard, garden, and health if not properly taken care of. It is important that Dayton homeowners don’t try to handle these occasionally aggressive animals. Groundhogs can carry dangerous diseases and may become aggressive if threatened or cornered. The experts at Critter Control of Dayton have years of experience removing groundhogs and will safely and humanely get rid of them for good! 


So, why are Groundhogs in my yard? 

Groundhogs are a native animal to North America and are commonly found in Dayton yards and open areas. There are several reasons why groundhogs may be in your yard: 

1. Free Food

Groundhogs are herbivores and primarily feed on grasses, clover, leaves, and other plants and vegetables. Groundhogs eat a third of their weight in vegetation every day, so if your yard has a good supply of these food sources, groundhogs will openly help themselves. A groundhog may see your lovely garden as a free personal salad bar and leave you with a mound of half ate vegetables. 

2. Free Shelter

Groundhogs are known for digging burrows, which serve as their home and provide protection from predators and extreme weather. If your yard has suitable soil and space, a groundhog may see it as the perfect place to build its home. Groundhog burrows can be complex with multiple entrances and exits so traps should only be set by trained professionals. 

3. Lack of Predators

Groundhogs want to be in a safe place. Your Dayton home may be free of common groundhog predators such as coyotes, foxes, or large birds. During breeding season, groundhogs may be more attracted to hiding under sheds or garages, which can offer a safe hiding spot for their newborn babies. 

4. Free Water

Groundhogs need a nearby water source to survive. If your yard has a water supply, such as a pond, stream, leaky faucet, or even a bird bath, it may attract groundhogs. 


If groundhogs are living rent free in your Dayton home or yard call the professionals at Critter Control of Dayton. We are ready to quickly remove groundhogs from your home and yard for good, so you can get back to enjoying lovely Dayton, Ohio!