Noises in the Attic?

Dayton residents are no stranger to animal intruders, especially in colder months. Some residents never even see their pest animals, though, especially if they reside mostly in the attic. Some indications of animals in the attic may include the presence of droppings, noises above you at night, or tunnels around homes.

House in Dayton, OHIf you are noticing signs of animal presence in your home, and particularly above you in the attic, it is vital to call a professional wildlife control company like Critter Control of Dayton.

  • Do you hear scratching in the walls or attic?
  • Perhaps you hear something running across the floor above you or below you in the crawl space or basement.
  • Sometimes you may hear chewing noises within the walls.
  • Squirrels, mice, bats, raccoons, and other common Ohio nuisance animals are typically the culprit and can be quite noisy in your home, especially in large numbers.

The skilled professionals at Critter Control of Dayton will investigate your house/property and identify where the noise is coming from. We'll effectively and humanely get rid of problem animals and take steps to make sure they don't return. Our animal exclusion tactics are one of the most important aspects of long-term wildlife control on your property.

Critter Control of Dayton offers wildlife damage control services for the following animals and more:

  • Bat - You may hear chirps, whistles, or squeaks, as well as scratching or flapping sounds in your home if you have bats. 
  • Beaver - Beavers communicate with barks and grunts. 
  • Bird - There are so many types of birds in Dayton, so you may hear anything from a small chirp to a screech. 
  • Chipmunk - Chipmunk's high pitched sounds and chirps can often be mistaken for birds.
  • Coyote - If you have a coyote around your property, you may hear their high-pitched barks or yips.
  • Fox - Fox sound similar to puppies. They have a high pitched bark sound, but it's different than the sound of a coSquirrel in Dayton, OHyote. 
  • Gopher - Gophers are usually silent, but sometimes let out high-pitched squeaks. 
  • Squirrel - In addition to scratching noises, squirrels make squeaks and grunts that alert you to their presence in your attic. 
  • Groundhog - Groundhogs make some interesting sounds, including teeth-chattering, high-piched whistles, and a "chuck-chuck" sound. 
  • Mink - Minks make a purring sound similar to cats. 
  • Mole - Moles make a variety of different sounds that will alert you to their presence in your home including squeals, snorts, wheezing, and grinding their teeth. 
  • Opossum - Opossums make clicking noises, as well as hissing and growling noises if they feel threatened. 
  • Rabbit - Rabbits make purring, sighing, and grunting noises. 
  • Raccoon - Raccoons can make over 200 different sounds! From purring to snarling to whimpering, they are quite vocal creatures. 
  • Rat - Rats make squeaking, hissing, and scurrying sounds in your home. 
  • Skunk - Skunks may stomp their feet, as well as hissing and chirping sounds. 
  • Snake - Snakes make a noise similar to sandpaper. 
  • Weasel - Weasels product chirping, squealing, and hissing sounds. 


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