Critter Control of Dayton is an industry leader in full-service wildlife removal control. If you require the need for dead animal removal, help with getting animals out of the attic, and wildlife trapping in Dayton and the surrounding area, contact our office! No matter how bad your wildlife problem might seem, we can help get these animals out of your home and also provide wildlife solutions for your property. We will get rid of your wildlife intruders for good and keep them out. Call Critter Control of Dayton's office to schedule your wildlife control inspection today or reach us through our contact form.

Residential Wildlife Solutions in Dayton

Critter Control of Dayton Wildlife Technician Holding Gray Owl in Dayton HomeWe offer a variety of Dayton wildlife control services to resolve any potential residential wildlife issues. Any number of our services may be necessary for our team to permanently protect your home from wildlife animals, and there's a good chance that our technicians will put more than one into motion. Our residential wildlife control services include:

If you're looking for additional information on the services we provide, please visit our wildlife control page or contact our office today. 

Common Dayton Wildlife Issues

Critter Control of Dayton is experienced in handling all types of wildlife control and wildlife trapping problems. A few of our most common wildlife services include:

Humane Wildlife Control

Critter Control of Dayton provides safe, professional, and affordable residential wildlife control services in the region. We will ensure that you, your family, pets, and property are safe during our process. Additionally, our smart wildlife solutions will ensure that wildlife animals are not harmed during our wildlife removal process.

Our team employs CritterSafe IPM Practices. To safely remove wildlife animals in your home, give the professionals a call!

Strange Noises in Your Home—Wildlife Infestation?

A typical wildlife animal is wary of human interaction, so you will hear (and see) indications of their presence before you see the animals. If you hear any strange noises in your chimney or attic, there's a good chance you have a wildlife intruder. You may also hear strange knocking, chewing, or scratching sounds in your house; if you do, call our Dayton office immediately. If you would like more information about possible wildlife animal noises in your home, click HERE

Critter Control of Dayton is your local residential wildlife control service provider. If you're near the surrounding areas of Dayton, call Critter Control today for immediate service!