Mice Control Methods

Critter Control of Dayton recognizes the panic you may feel as you see mice dart across your kitchen floor. Mice control problems are common in Dayton and the surrounding areas, and the skilled technicians at Critter Control will get rid of them using safe services that work! Call today and schedule your appointment for professional mice control services!

Mice issues can be hard to resolve. Trusting an experienced wildlife control company like Critter Control will help get rid of your mice control problem promptly and humanely. Our technicians will work dutifully to get mice out of your house and keep them out permanently.

Mice Trapping

Critter Control of Dayton will use rodent traps or other methods of removal to get rid of the mice in your home as quickly as possible. Mice trapping can be one of the most effective and safe ways to get them out of your home. Professional implementation of mouse traps will greatly lower your chances of mouse infestation.

Mice Proofing

Completely mice-proofing a home as an untrained homeowner will be almost impossible. Critter Control of Dayton will inspect your home from top to bottom to find all potential mouse entry points. Once the possible points of entry are identified your technician will create a barrier to prevent mice from entering. Our inspections are thorough enough to idenitfy even the smallest possible point of entry. Call Critter Control of Dayton to help control your mice control problem.

Mice Damage — Repairs & Clean Up

Even though mice are small animals, they are quite destructive. They can nest in attics, garages, walls, and other areas of your home. Commonly encountered issues may include: chewed wires, creating large messes of waste and debris, as well as by spreading diseases throughout your home.


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