Human Wildlife Management

Appreciating wildlife and the natural environment we share is one of the first steps in resolving wildlife conflicts with humans. Tolerance and understanding solve many perceived 'wildlife problems’ borne from irrational fears. Bats and snakes, for example, are very beneficial to the environment — but they are often misunderstood, and rarely a danger to humans.

While there are times when we can let nature take care of itself, sometimes wildlife conflicts must be resolved to prevent further damage to our homes and property, and protect human health and safety. From mole removal to sparrow trapping, getting rid of bats, skunk control, or everything in between, trust Critter Control to get the job done right.

CritterSafe by Critter Control

Critter Control has introduced CritterSafe to offer an even more humane wildlife management option, using non-lethal, no-trap, release on-site, or one-way doors to minimize stress on our wild neighbors. CritterSafe also includes our exclusive Animal Entry Worksheet home inspection and detection service, to identify potential wildlife entry points and prevent opportunistic animals from damaging your home or business in the future. Skunk damage, geese damage, raccoon damage, squirrel damage, mole lawn damage, and more can be prevented, and Critter Control can show you how.

Review the Suggested Protocol for the Responsible Management of Wildlife Affected by Land Clearing and the Modification of Wildlife Habitats, based on the initiatives of Steve Irwin's 'Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.