Crawlspace Repair Services 

Critter Control of Dayton provides full-service wildlife damage repair for crawl spaces. We clean and restore any mess caused by an animal. Wildlife animals can cause extensive damage once they find their way into your crawl space. Call Critter Control of Dayton today and schedule your crawl space restoration.

Animals enter your crawl space because they seek warmth and food. Soon after they settle, they will begin to create damage. Critter Control of Dayton will form a crawl space restoration plan to solve your wildlife problem. Our plan for repair may include:

  • Repairing Damaged Crawlspace
  • Dropping/Feces Removal & Clean-Up
  • Odor Removal
  • Repairing Water Damage

Potential Crawlspace Issues

Many different animals can possibly get into your crawlspace and for different reasons. Some of the reasons may include: 

  • Raccoons, opossums, and assorted rodents are the most common offenders. Each one of these animals can cause extensive damage, but there's nothing Critter Control of Dayton can't handle.
  • Damage from these animals can cause mold and decay, because of the extensive droppings and urine accumulated.
  • Sometimes these animals will also damage the infrastructure, like air ducts, insulation, or pipes.

Stop and repair wildlife damages in your crawl space by calling Critter Control of Dayton today!