Although they are appreciated by many and an important part of the environment, birds can cause serious problems for business owners when they roost near human-inhabited areas, leave a mess of droppings, and damage crops. The problems they create are costly and considered a health hazard. Call Critter Control of Dayton and schedule your bird management today!

Bird Control and Management

A seagull is being handled by bird control services in DaytonBirds serve an extremely necessary role in the environment. They keep the levels of insects, rodents, worms, fish, and many other populations in check.

Because of this role, there are many laws and regulations when it comes to regulating nuisance birds. We at Critter Control of Dayton are experienced with these specific laws and make sure all laws are followed.

Infestation and Damage

The three birds that most often become pests in the United States in urban areas are pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows.

  • If you have ever tried to get rid of pigeons, you know just how difficult pigeon control can be! 
  • Other birds, from hawks to swallows, may occasionally cause unexpected and unusual pest problems.
  • When blackbirds and crows roost in suburban areas they become pests.
  • Woodpeckers may peck holes into house siding looking for insects and to make nest cavities.
  • Seagulls can feed at food plants, and they roost and nest on large flat roofs with crushed stone.

Common Bird Problems

  • Feeding on agricultural products
  • Roosting or nesting around human habitations
  • Destroying vegetation and contaminating foods
  • Noise, droppings, odor, and feathers
  • Diseases or ectoparasites affecting man including histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis
  • Unpleasant or hazardous working conditions

Dayton Bird Control

Critter Control has extensive experience in geese control and removal, pigeon control and removal, sparrow control and removal, and more. We can get rid of birds and repair bird damage, and we know how to get rid of pigeons, sparrows, starlings, or other pest birds in a manner that will keep them from coming back. We use humane practices and can handle trapping and relocation of sparrows, pigeons, geese, or other bird pests. The best bird control approaches emphasize deterrents, exclusion, or modification of buildings. 

Critter Control’s knowledgeable technicians have bird-proofing and bird control methods for any nuisance bird situation — especially to get rid of birds that congregate on municipal and commercial buildings.  

Call your local Dayton office today!