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Jeff was outstanding!
Wonderful swift service! Jeff came in and caught the squirrel in my house in a matter of moments. I am very satisfied. Lois on the phone was super too. She and Jeff went out of their way to provide same day service. Could not ask for better service.
Quick follow up to make sure we didnt have a trapped critter. Showed us that possible entry path was clear. Highly recommend!
Great service by Jeff Thatcher and Pam in the office staff. Thank you!
Great Service! Great People! Simply - they got the job done. Will use again in a heartbeat.
I learn from your techs. Jeff was very insightful and seemed to really enjoy his job. I hope I get to work with him again
He is so knowledgeable and friendly
Jeff was great
WOW!!! Jeff T is an incredible Wildlife Technician!!! This man is able to catch birds in flight....literally! I was totally freaking out, and he was soooooo calm, simply amazing! He not only was able to get the birds out of my chimney (and my living room, basement and kitchen!--seriously!) he quickly identified how they had gotten in (rusty chimney cover) and fixed the problem with new (effective) chimney covers! When he only had one of the 2 required caps, he fixed one side with a temporary cover and returned after the work day was officially over to replace the temporary cover with a permanent one. I am beyond impressed and so happy Critter Control of Dayton is helping me keep the wildlife where it belongs.....outside! Thanks Jeff!! **** ***** *
All went very well. CC-Dayton technician Jeff Thatcher quickly located our bat problem. He's very knowledgeable and instructive, so we're confident he will fix our problem.
Jeff thatcher was knowledgeable and was able to rid our yard of moles in one day
Jeff Thatcher was knowledgeable and did our yard of pests quickly.
Jeff was very professional and helpful. He searched the house from inside and out and solved our critter problem.
I am not normally the guy who would leave a review but I absolutely had to with my recent experience with Critter Control and our technician Jeff T. In addition to solving our uninvited raccoon problem, Jeff's customer service was second to none. Though he is clearly an expert in this field it was how he interacted with me and my wife and how he explained every step of the process that impressed us the most. He additionally went above and beyond solving our problem by helping us seal off a point of access. Critter Control and Jeff were outstanding! Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!
Jeff was the consummate professional quickly diagnosing the issue and plan of action. He was always personable and friendly. We were confident he would handle the issue and he did. He was also very knowledgeable and updated us daily as to where he was in the process. The support office staff was also top notch
Jeff was very pleasant and professional and informative regarding my pest problems.
Jeff T. came by my house every day to check on the trap since he set it. I was victim of a pesky raccoon that decided to make my attic his domicile. It took about 4 complete days or so to finally catch the raccoon in a humane trap set on the roof. Jeff handled the situation in a professional and caring way. Repair was made to the area the culprit was using to get in. I HIGHLY recommend Jeff and his dogged determination to get my attic back into the peaceful storage room it once was. Thank you Jeff. You deserve the praise!