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I learn from your techs. Jeff was very insightful and seemed to really enjoy his job. I hope I get to work with him again
He is so knowledgeable and friendly
Jeff was great
WOW!!! Jeff T is an incredible Wildlife Technician!!! This man is able to catch birds in flight....literally! I was totally freaking out, and he was soooooo calm, simply amazing! He not only was able to get the birds out of my chimney (and my living room, basement and kitchen!--seriously!) he quickly identified how they had gotten in (rusty chimney cover) and fixed the problem with new (effective) chimney covers! When he only had one of the 2 required caps, he fixed one side with a temporary cover and returned after the work day was officially over to replace the temporary cover with a permanent one. I am beyond impressed and so happy Critter Control of Dayton is helping me keep the wildlife where it belongs.....outside! Thanks Jeff!! **** ***** *
All went very well. CC-Dayton technician Jeff Thatcher quickly located our bat problem. He's very knowledgeable and instructive, so we're confident he will fix our problem.
Jeff thatcher was knowledgeable and was able to rid our yard of moles in one day
Jeff Thatcher was knowledgeable and did our yard of pests quickly.
Jeff was very professional and helpful. He searched the house from inside and out and solved our critter problem.
I am not normally the guy who would leave a review but I absolutely had to with my recent experience with Critter Control and our technician Jeff T. In addition to solving our uninvited raccoon problem, Jeff's customer service was second to none. Though he is clearly an expert in this field it was how he interacted with me and my wife and how he explained every step of the process that impressed us the most. He additionally went above and beyond solving our problem by helping us seal off a point of access. Critter Control and Jeff were outstanding! Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!
Jeff was the consummate professional quickly diagnosing the issue and plan of action. He was always personable and friendly. We were confident he would handle the issue and he did. He was also very knowledgeable and updated us daily as to where he was in the process. The support office staff was also top notch
Jeff was very pleasant and professional and informative regarding my pest problems.
Jeff T. came by my house every day to check on the trap since he set it. I was victim of a pesky raccoon that decided to make my attic his domicile. It took about 4 complete days or so to finally catch the raccoon in a humane trap set on the roof. Jeff handled the situation in a professional and caring way. Repair was made to the area the culprit was using to get in. I HIGHLY recommend Jeff and his dogged determination to get my attic back into the peaceful storage room it once was. Thank you Jeff. You deserve the praise!
Outstanding customer service and great field work! From initial contact with Melissa setting things up to Andrew's constant contact throughout the job we could not have been happier with Critter Control! Everyone did an outstanding job explaining the processes and keeping us informed every step of the way. Excellent company to work with, definitely recommend!!
Very friendly and easy to schedule and came the same day within 3 hours. Removed dead opossum stuck in my chain link fence in Dayton. No residue or other sign that the opossum was there. I am very satisfied with my 3 experiences with Critter Control and will recommend them to family and friends.
Our Agency was impressed with our technician Jeff T*******, he was kind & thoughtful & gave us step by step instructions on what he was doing. We had a baby raccoon stuck in a wall & he was able to catch the poor thing by & get him out with in a couple days. We still are trying to get Mom, but I wanted to leave a positive comment about how Jeff has been above & beyond in his professionalism with our Agency. It has been great to understand how & why the raccoons are getting in not just that they are. Jeff has been showing us. He is very knowledgeable & ready to help clients understand. A great asset to his company.
excellent response and a professional presentation concerning the situation more
High Five to Jeff Thatcher of Critter Control!!!
Jeff T******* is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Had a squirrel in my house. Jeff was determined to find this elusive squirrel. Quite a contest! Jeff is not only excellent in his profession but is a genuinely nice man. 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great follow up, visited daily to check trap and re-bait.
Alex G.
Amanda - you are awesome. Thank you for your excellent service.
Maria B.
Would have liked seeing pictures of the young ones. Glad you caught them
Dennis A.
Excellent service very nice technician and he explain all for me.. Thanks
Maria B.
Quick results.
Diane B.
Great work!
Maria B.
Was on location on time and explained everything.
Shellie P.
We couldn't be happier with the service we received from Steve. He was extremely courteous, personable, and professional. Thank you so much!!
Natarajan G.
Steve did a very good job. Explained the issues and cost for fixing. I appreciate his work. All the bird nests are cleaned and vents are covered.
Phil C.
Excellent. Outstanding. Fantastic. Quick! No Drama. Thanks Zach, Jeremy, Mary, & Pam
Larry H.
Steve May called in advance, was very polite, showed up on time as promised, was very professional and helpful
great cu customer service
John M.
Critter Control has been trapping and removing moles from our property for a year and has been doing an excellent job for us. The technical people have been there when we needed it; have monitored, trapped and removed moles and above all they have been very professional in taking care of our yard. We appreciate what you have done!
xxx Jim x.
Steve provides good service!
great customer service!
Danny L.
Technician Steve May was excellent. Very friendly and courteous. He did an excellent job definitely an asset to Critter Control.
Ms. K.
Great service. The staff was able to deal effectively with our skunk problem. They addressed our concerns about other animals and were attentive to checking the traps.
Judith M.
Very professional. Nice job!
Chris C.
Zac was awesome. He was knowledgeable, courteous and punctual. He communicated with us at every step of the job and told us exactly what to expect. I would recommend Zac and Critter Control to my friends and family without hesitation.
Kevin B.
Zac our technician was awesome. He did a wonderful job of taking care of our problem. We were kept informed, and when we had questions they were answered. Thank you so much for taking care of this problem the way you did!
Kristi or Ken
Tom always does a very thorough and professional job at our facility. Critter Control is a great company to do business with!
Rose C.
I was very satisfied with the services provided by Critter control. The service man, Tim Bugh, thoroughly reviewed his work and gave me the opportunity to evaluate and discuss the services he provided. In addition, he suggested and reviewed additional services by Critter Control that I might want to consider. Tim seems to be very interested in his work, does a very thorough job, is courteous and considerate of customer needs, and an excellent representative of Critter Control. I would not hesitate to recommend Critter Control to others.
Christine L.
Good service and always responsive to any requests
Gilbert T.
No issues with the work.
Debra N.
Matt, the new guy, got lucky and found the evidence for what I've suspected for years. It made me cry, first because the house is infested, and second, because I finally got the evidence I needed to prove my suspicion, after more than five years. He was very helpful and calming, and hopefully did everything possible to address the problem. I appreciate Critter Control working with me, in particular, during this time of distress, with the horrible odor and galloping noises. Thank you.
Carol R.
Great service and took care of our squirrel problem.
John W.
Professional and friendly service - couldn't ask for more.
Karen L.
Cameron was terrific. He kept me informed and I felt that he had my best interests in mind even though the skunks were not trapped. He told me that if I saw them again in the near future to call and request the traps be reset with no charge for the set up. He is definitely a 5 star employee and I appreciated having him service my wildlife needs. Karen Lane
Bill A.
Very prompt and helpful
Sheryl S.
Great service. Always tries to accommodate at the earliest convenience.
Anne J.
Your crew was very helpful. I only hope that it is over!
Evelyn W.
Good job as usual
Richard F.
Very pleased with Critter Control. On time, courteous, knowledgeable, and pleased with quality of repair.
Lon V.
Efficient, courteous service. No issues.
Chris M.
Steve was. Rey professional and informative
Elizabeth ".
They helped us trap the rats that started nesting under the driveway and filled in the hole, then provided bait stations to keep new rats from moving in. The service is always timely and professional.
Donna W.
I was very impressed with the work both men did for me. They were so nice and very helpful. Thank you for all of your help.
Sherry W.
Tim was professional, friendly, and helpful , as was Steve when I worked with him previously. I always will go with Critter Control and recommend them to anyone who needs such services. Thank you!
Patricia M.
Great work!! Great guy!!
Sherry W.
I love the staff at Critter Control! They are always timely, professional, and friendly. They also do a GREAT job cleaning up! THANK TOU!
Lon V.
Great job. Thanks, prompt, effective, friendly service.
Theresa H.
Critter Control has always been professional, on time, and does the job.
John M.
We are almost at the end of my first years contract and so far we approve of the job that was done. I wish that the charges were not so much as I am retired and all senior citizen discounts are appreciated since we do not get cost of living raises. Thanks for your good service.
Susan L.
We appreciate the professionalism of your crew. Thank you for the good service.
Sandy B.
Knowledgeable and polite inspectors and an honest company. I shall recommend you to others. Thanks.
Pete U.
Technician was very professional and answered all my questions at the end of the service call. He also explained all my options.
Frank A.
Job done right and done when it is scheduled to be. Thanks!
Phyllis a.
Craig did a through check of the bait stations; was quick and friendly. Thank you.
Allen C.
I give you 5 stars. Very professional service.
Brad B.
Chuck was personable, professional, and did a great job.
Marcy G.
Your representative was courteous, attentive, observant, and thorough. I'm disappointed the squirrel was not found, but hopefully all steps were taken to make sure it doesn't happen again., and If it does will call you immediately. I also will consider the other steps offered to remedy any other critter visits when the weather is warmer. Thanks for your quick response and concern. Marcy Gregory
Deb D.
Craig the technician did a great job. He was ver y helpful in explaining why and how critters may get into one's home. Also the office was very responsive and I was able to receive service the day after my initial call.
Edward R.
Craig was right on time, was totally aware of the history and proceeded efficiently with the investigation of my home. He reported his findings clearly and recommended that no action be done at this time. He did suggest that there had been an unsuccessful attempt to access a site of entry of last year. Informed that I could continue the warranty by another exam in one year if nothing in the meantime. He is was clear in his suggestion and I plan to do this plan. Thanks.
Rachel H.
Thankyou for your help!
Allen C.
Kathy M.
I was very impressed with how professional and thorough the job was handled. The previous critter guy I had (not from your company!) did not offer to look in the attic. He assured me it was squirrels, and yet those were the same sounds I had as this time. I would recommend your company at any time! The contacts I had with office were always friendly and helpful. You seem to have a good thing going there! Kathy Meyer
Linda B.
I remain very satisfied with your service. Thank you!
David B.
Great service. I called Critter Control in Dayton on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, in the late morning after my dogs discovered a very large opossum hiding in my garage. The service tech called me back very quickly, explained the charges for a holiday weekend and promised to get back to me after he found a babysitter for his children. This must have been a real inconvenience for him, especially since the Ohio State/Michigan football game was on, but he didn't let it show. He called me back with an arrival time and was right on schedule. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and, most importantly, good at removing opossums from garages. He also took a look around the house to see if there were any possible entry points. I would say that less than two hours past from the time I left the message at Critter Control to the time the work was complete. I am very satisfied with the service. I used Critter Control in the past when I had squirrels and raccoons in my attic and they handled that job extremely well, too. The removed the animals, showed me the damage and, with my approval, repaired the damage and sealed all of the possible entry points into my house. The opossum got in because I left the garage door open overnight, not because they missed something. I am a loyal customer and would use them again if the need arose. Dave B., Centerville, OH
Sandy R.
Your company has always done a great job with service. Thank you
Evelyn W.
Service very good as usual!
James M.
The technician did an excellent job in catching and removing the raccoons. He was helpful in suggesting anything else that we can do to prevent any animals from getting into the house.
Dena Z.
Craig is always friendly and very helpful!
Kathy C.
From front office to field technicians, everyone is professional and nice Kat Cooper
David H.
Great job
Bobbi G.
Wonderful followup and communication. Very personnable and Would highly recommend
James G.
I appreciate Steve helping with squirrel problem I had.
Chris H.
Chuck was both professoinal and conscientitous. 5 star service!
James ".
Troy was a pleasure to work with - knowledgeable and courteous.
Tina F.
Inspection conducted the same day I called. Steve left notes about the status of the project and I could text updates to him when I wasn't on site when he visited. I will definitely recommend Critter Control to others and will use them again is other issues arrive.
Thank you for the prompt service!
Denise C.
Many thanks for your continued diligence and kudos to your professional staff who always go above and beyond!!!
Patricia & Travis G.
Quick and professional
Christine P.
Very informative and reliable!
Greg A.
Great job, thanks.
Tom C.
Excellent service today. Very much appreciated.
Beth F.
Great job! Steve explained a lot about bats & how they can get into my home. The quick service was appreciated and job was done exceptionally well! Will recommend Critter Control to anyone else that has a critter issue. :)
James G.
I recommend this company for problems with animals and repairs.
Tom C.
Very helpful and appreciated the quick response.
John ".
Excellent. Best service yet. The Wests
Brian M.
Craig was very pleasant and helpful. He performed a thorough evaluation, gave good advice and his conclusion was correct.
Lorelei S.
the gentlemen that came to my home were exceptional…very professional…and took care of the raccoon problem….thank you so much...
Jean Y.
I liked how friendly and professional the technicians were and I liked that every day they left an email, or phone call to let me know what was going on with the traps. I will use critter control again.
Tom C.
We are so impressed with the work done for us. We would definitely recommend your company based on the quality and also the gentleman who performed the work was an excellent representative for critter control.
Dasaya C.
Thank you so much! Really glad that the groundhog is gone and hope to see no more. Steve was great-he knew exactly what he was doing, was professional and gave his suggestions for preventive measures.
Tammy L.
I would recommend them to anyone who would need the service very kind and respectful thank you very much
Beckie D.
Thank you for great customer service.
Julia & Tom I.
Responsive, solid protocol, and hopefully good results over time. Appreciate the work on our behalf.
Dave L.
Your representative was professional and informative.
Barbara M.
Beverly B.
Zack was here after calling first to be sure I was home. I showed him form letter regarding checking the prior job and also today's check of the outside. He checked everything and found it to be okay.
Charles & Karen R.
Zach seemed very knowledgeable when he came out to evaluate our situation. The office people were friendly, helpful, and asked others when they didn't know the answer to our questions (- we appreciate that so much more than when business people guess and give us wrong information!) Also, they were very good communicators concerning scheduling. ....The prices seemed a bit high, but we will return if we need help in the future. Thank you.
Mike T.
Steve was professional and knowledgeable. No more mice!
Valerie V.
We have been using Critter Control for several years. Our first project was bat removal. They have been extremely professional and found my problem immediately when others had not. I have them at my house every 3 months to make sure no "critters" get back into my house. Valerie Van Winkle, Granville
Patti Q.
Very prompt in getting here and taking care of problem.
Stephanie G.
Very friendly & knowledgeable. I really appreciate their professionalism and thoughtfulness. They had open communication on what they did and will definitely refer them to others. If we have issues in the future these are the people I want to call. Thank you!
Melissa C.
Thanks for the great service.
Anna V.
Steve was very helpful today. I truly appreciate his knowledge and insight. Should I need further services I will contact Critter Control .
David W.
Chuck was very polite and professional. His feedback in reference to our issues with our "critters" was informative and very helpful in dealing with the current and future concerns we may have. I will certainly recommend Critter Control and Chuck to anyone with similar problems. Dave Woolf
Jodi B.
I was very happy with the level of service and responsiveness that I experienced!
Joy P.
Thx. Great.
John D.
Very nice work! Professional and timely. Thank you.
Kristin B.
Appreciated all the knowledge and great service provided by Chuck
Craig Kidd, who provided my service, was very professional and informative. It was a pleasure to greet him every morning. He provided excellent service !
Gloria M.
Chuck and Carmen are standouts at this company! Chuck especially was very efficient, knowledgeable, professional, and I felt completely safe with him walking in and around my home. I also was confident that Critter Control had my family's best interest in mind. They came out right away and took care of everything I needed. Customer Service is a priority with this company's employees! They go above and beyond!
Peter & Malesa L.
Really appreciate the return visit to remove the bat from my bedroom blinds! Timely and professional.
Cynthia C.
Critter Control gave us fast response, kept us updated on the progress of catching the skunks on our property, and even left the traps an additional few days to make sure all "critters" were gone. I hope we will not need their services again, but I will certainly use Critter Control if needed. I will recommend them as well!
Ken W.
excellent job
Ann J.
I certainly appreciated the attentiveness to my problem. Your employe Tim is a very nice young man and did a very good job.
Stephanie C.
Prompt and nice to work with
Sandy R.
Service has always been very satisfactory. Thank you...
Adam R.
staff was always kind and helpful. My mole problem is resolved.
Marilyn C.
Zach has done a great job for us this year. We appreciate the excellent service. Helped with the raccoons, and finally seems to have gotten rid of the hornets and yellow jackets. It's been a battle but we thank you for keeping on top of our problems until they got resolved. We plan to continue using Critter Control for all these types of issues. Thanks so much.
Daryl M.
Everything good so far. Thanks
Ellis M.
Thank you for working with us... we will use you in the near future ,if we have and my problems.... Thank again
David R.
Exceptional service.
Mark B.
Wasn't at home when the service technican performed their duties.
Cynthia B.
Craig was very knowledgable and helpful!
Michael S.
John did a great job. Had a pretty good plan for attack on these rascals. Hope to get sealed up soon and be done with them. It's been a VERY bad year around here with all the bees and wasp. Thank you
Mary H.
I was very pleased with the service from Critter Control! They came within the time period they gave me and took care of the problem on the first visit. We had a hive of yellow jackets by our air conditioner unit which needed to be recharged. The air conditioning people couldn't charge it until we got rid of the yellow jackets. The air conditioning guy got stung the first time he came out. He came back and sprayed with industrial strength spray and that didn't phase them. He called to tell me I would probably need to get an exterminator to take care of the yellow jackets. Critter Control came out and sprayed, waited a day, and came back to make sure the yellow jackets were dead. Thankfully, they were!
Mr. M.
You should have included in the note you left that you needed to take the trap and would return it since it was a skunk. I would have understood as it makes sense.
xxMichael M.
Your Tech showed up early and got two raccoons out of our dumpster immediately. AWESOME WORK. THANK YOU Michael McDonald
Ken W.
Everything proceeded as expected, a rather large job was completed and cleaned up in good order. Steve was professional throughout, explaining each step and answering all questions. We're very happy with the service and would not hesitate to recommend Critter Control to others. Good job, guys!
Kay B.
Great service and responsiveness. Thanks so much!
Mary B.
Extremely pleased with Craig's complete, thorough and timely response to our requests; polite and knowledgeable; will definitely consult with him again ! Thank you. Mary Brewer
Lynne C.
Very helpful with rodents and critters
xxx David B.
The only thing that could have been better was more communication daily as to the condition of the areas being trapped
John C.
Excellent response. Responder professional and knowledgeable. First rate in all regards. Don''t change a thing.
Allison C.
Great service that was available on a Sunday afternoon! Zach was awesome and helped get Harvey the squirrel (yes...we named him) out of our fireplace save and sound.
Cynthia J.
Great work, expertise, and nice people.
Robert P.
I really appreciated your prompt response and ability to safely and quickly remove the trapped groundhog from my backyard. Your receptionist and technicians are top notch and I recommend your business to anyone bothered by backyard and garden wildlife pests. Buzz Portune Kettering, Ohio
Karen M.
Very thorough and got the job done!
Gwen J.
Chuck did a fantastic job this time as he did with a previous job. He was consistent, informative, friendly and helpful. Thanks so much. I am much more at ease and feel safer. I am sure you will hear from me again.
Steve R.
Awesome job. Very professional. Reasonable price.
Gail H.
Thank you for your prompt service.
Cathy D.
Guys were AWESOME!
Carla W.
Critter Control always does a great job for us. That's why we keep calling them back when we have a four-legged pest problem.
Bob P.
Craig does an excellent job.
Wilma K.
Great service. Craig,our tech, is knowledgeable and helpful.
Jackie G.
As always, professional and timely
Megan C.
Pretty through, but pricey.
Sharon M.
Quick to respond. Thanks!
Craig M.
Thanks for your outstanding services. This is our second year and we recommend this service to anyone who has rodent control issues. Regards, R/Craig
Christine & John H.
You were responsive and checked the traps quickly. Excellent job.
Richard D.
Very easy to work with!
Christopher E.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff member
Peggy H.
They did a super job. They monitored and finally caught the skunk. Looking forward to them do the necessary fencing to keeping out the varmits. The guys were super nice and explained everything.. The office staff kept me up on the derails while I have been away at my daughters.
Richard D.
Very easy to work with.
Richard D.
Great to work with!
Linda W.
We appreciate Steve's professionalism. He explained treatment options very well and arrived promptly when scheduled. I highly recommend Critter Control!
Robert P.
John was polite and informative. I am extremely happy.
Ann L.
Prompt response to set up an appointment and recheck of prior issue with bat problem. No further evidence of bats found.
Ann G.
Very professional, informative and accomplished ! I would recommend Steve and this company to anyone with "critter problems"!
Steve B.
Did a good job with daily checks during the week!
Jeri C.
We found this job to be completed with concern for our issues, great work ethic, and individual concern for our home.
Kathi S.
Great service! You really know how to get the job done. Thank you!
Joseph L.
There's good reason for them to be on consumer reports a plus list I thought I had a raccoon in my attic and it was only a squirrel they cut it the very first day watched to make sure there weren't any more for a week patch the hole in my soffit and the job was done. I found them on the Internet. After calling several other companies to remove a raccoon , The other companies said they don't do raccoons and didn't even want to talk to me . Thanks Critter Control for a job well done.
Tina & David K.
We are very impressed with the service from Critter Control. John was very informative and professional. We look forward to being rid of the bats. Thank you, Tina and Dave Kaighin
Robert ".
Awesome job. Very friendly and competent service.
Elaine and Larry L.
Thanks to Chuck for a great job of explaining the work that he did for us--and for being there daily, to make sure that it got done. We had several skunks on our property, so we appreciate him taking care of things in a timely manner.
Karla H.
Technician was quick, efficient, and professional. I was very happy with his service. I don't know how much the service costs M-F but I assume less and would suggest Critter Control simply have someone scheduled to handle all the weekend calls at the same price as obviously wildlife doesn't arrive on a M-F schedule!
Denise K.
Tim is knowledgeable and professional. He gave me information about how to exclude snakes in the future, and advice that gave me peace of mind that the snake had probably left on its own and the glue traps to catch it if it has not.
Tori F.
thank you. Our man was very nice.
Kurt F.
John was very helpful and a true professional. Thank you for the quick service.
Jim Y.
Nice job, Surprised only one caught with all of the areas that look affected. However, I do not see any new areas at this point. I will use your team next time also. Also, I have a business also and would like feedback from Customers....would you recommend a company to call to get me set up? Thx Jim Yankle 614-679-3744
Linda C.
The bees are gone. The technician was very polite and professional. Thank You.
Janet S.
Zachary was very knowledgeable and did a good job explaining everything and taking care of everything.
Kathy J.
Very quick and professional.
Dale H.
Great job and thanks for coming in short notice. If needed I know who I will be callig. Thanks Again Dale Hamilton Site Lead Environmental Services Miami Valley Hospital
Susan L.
Great job!
Carolyn P.
Person that came to our house was very professional easy to speak with friendly. Liked the yellow slips to confirm they had been there
Chrisanne G.
Excellent service and explanation of the issues.....
Gina F.
Service man came out on the day I called. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me. I would definitely use Critter Control again.
Michelle W.
So professional from the person answering the phone to the quotes, email communication, and the guys on site.
Marisa H.
Quick and thorough. Great and friendly service.
Joyce K.
Excellent and expedient service. I will be recommending your services to all my friends and family. thank you
Gretchen A.
Was able to respond as needed. The technician (Zack) was quick and courteous.
Dennis C.
Good job, appreciate Troy leaving documentation of mole trapping.
Barbara B.
Came promptly, Zach the technician was helpful and professional. Glad we called. Would recommend wholeheartedly.
Barb W.
Critter Control does an excellent job explaining the process to resolve your critter issue and working with you to prevent any critter return. We highly recommend them for your critter needs.
John M.
Your people did a great job of getting moles but your prices are too high.
Shirley (son Joe) A.
Fast service. Very thorough about analysing critter entry points. Thanks !
Carol R.
The Critter Control service person did a great job. He did a thorough inspection and explained everything really well. I'd definitely use Critter Control again.
Kate H.
Great work. Carmen in your office was amazing!
Molly a.
We have had NO evidence of mice in our basement since Critter Control started coming to our house! We greatly appreciate your service!!
Rawley B.
Prompt response the good service.
Bill and Ann L.
Both Troy were on time and did exactly what they said they would do. Support staff were equally effective. Pricey, but worth it for a quality outcome. Have already made a referral recommendation to a friend.
Greg A.
Quick, professional service. Will call again.
Ken W.
Steve was professional and courteous - no hard sell, no exaggerated urgency or fear mongering. The news was not good but it was clear what had to be done and he conveyed competence about the needed work.
Liz B.
Great customer service!
Dennis C.
Job well done, Troy and his team are always professional, courteous, and helpful. They do a good job of communicating and following through on their activities on our premises.
David W.
Thorough, courteous, and professional. We've used Critter Control twice now and, should we get "unwanted guests" again, won't hesitate to use them again. Thanks for everything! -Tod and Patrice
Linda A.
John was wonderful and got rid of the opossum in my closet. He was very helpful and good.
Marcia S.
Very professional, knowledgeable, timely service
Lisa R.
Chuck was great!
Melynnda O.
Very professional. John did an amazing job and was very attentive. If we ever have any issues in the future we will definitely use Critter Control again and will highly recommend them.
Carol D.
Thanks for your service! Hope that's the end of it!
Mark T.
Excellent work by all staff. It was a very pleasant experience. I will not hesitate to use Critter Control again for this service or any other.
Chuck D.
Good job, thank you.
Ken M.
Great job!!!
James L.
I am very happy with the effective and courteous service we have received from Critter Control. Thank you. - Jim Long
Janet a.
Job well done. Mouse traps were picked up and spraying was completed. Thank you.