Woodpeckers are notorious for being loud and disruptive to their environment, including fellow wildlife and humans. They are known for using foliage to gather nesting materials and food sources.  If you hear or see one or more woodpeckers in your trees, call Critter Control of Dayton. You can also leave us your information here.


  • They will drill holes into trees to gain access to a variety of insects. Their persistence and habits cause damages and great annoyance for homeowners.
  • Woodpeckers use vegetation for nests and sources of food; making an environment with plenty of trees their ideal habitat. Woodpecker nest holes are generally just large enough for an adult to fit through.
  • Bird netting is frequently used to stop woodpecker populations from damaging surrounding trees and buildings.

Common Woodpecker Issues

Homes and farmlands typically offer enough trees and forested land in the area to accommodate woodpecker populations. Residents of wooden buildings are in particular danger of woodpecker damage. These nuisance birds are known to drill into structural wood for food as well as building nests. Woodpeckers will also drill wood as a social activity as well.

  • Woodpeckers pose no physical threat to humans. Property on the other hand, is at a great risk.
  • The loud and frequent noises are enough to consider these birds a nuisance, and structural damage to buildings on top of that! The size of holes will vary depending on whether the birds are looking for food or constructing nests.
  • Additionally, woodpecker activity can leave trees susceptible to pest insects, infection, diseases, and even death.

Woodpecker problems can get out of hand. When this happens, contact Critter Control of Dayton. Our technicians are trained in humane and efficient pest removal and are familiar with woodpecker behavior. Turning to our team of wildlife removal specialists will ensure all the people and birds involved remain free of injury and disease.

Woodpecker Removal Services

Critter Control of Dayton can implement methods of woodpecker prevention and offer any further suggestions on efforts that may prevent woodpecker damage and keep them away from you home. Call Critter Control of Dayton for woodpecker removal services today!

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Drumming noises? Holes in your wood siding? Pecking marks on your house? These sounds and damage may well be due to woodpeckers. Call Critter Control today for effective prevention of woodpecker damage.
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